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Wonder Hitch details

As you can see below the pins are placed on either side on the mowers caster arm. On most zero turn mowers these arms are angled outwards. The pins utilize this angle to hold the Wonder Hitch in place. They are adjustable to accommodate different makes and models of mowers. Once the pins are tightened in place the Wonder Hitch can still be removed from the mower by lifting straight up. The pins only keep the hitch from sliding front to back.



                                                                         Below is a side view of the Wonder Hitch with a blower installed.


 As you can see below the weight of the blower is supported by the 2 lower legs of the Wonder Hitch. The axle of the blower is cradled in 2 open hooks at the end of each lower leg. These hooks are angled to allow the blower to side in and out in case the rear wheels did come in contact with the ground (rough terrain). In this pic. you can see the chain that attaches from the Wonder Hitch to the blowers handle. This chain keeps the front wheel of the blower suspended in the air but still allows the blower to tilt backwards in case it comes in contact with the ground or a trailer ramp.


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